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Morning Headaches

More than 800 million people struggle with morning headaches. Doctor Puja explains the three most common reasons for morning headaches. And, what you can do to prevent morning headaches.

Cold Showers

Does that extra productivity boost come from how you bathe or shower? There are a few studies suggesting the benefits of cold water plunges. But, there are some major drawbacks with cold water plunges.

Celiac Disease

As many of you know, going gluten-free is really not a fad for people with celiac disease. It's a must-do. And, it can actually be actually life-saving. FYI: People with celiac disease have a higher likelihood of certain types of cancer.

These include cancers of the small intestine (adenocarcinomas), blood cancers (lymphoma and leukemia), and pancreatic cancer. If you have a friend or a loved one with celiac disease it's vital to know this and be an advocate for their gluten-free lifestyle.